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"Video Vixen" (Nancy's Blog)

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’re familiar with my sorrowful romantic saga: girl meets guy; girl falls in love with guy; girl and guy have a beautiful baby girl; guy gets deported; girl is now a single parent yearning for the home, family and ease of an era passed. And there you go – […]

Using Makeup To Go From Cystic Acne To Flawless Skin (Video Tutorial)

Makeup can be optional but for some girls makeup is necessary. This brave girl gives us the opportunity to see what her life battle with Cystic Acne is like and what she does to achieve perfect looking skin. She shows us that nothing in life is impossible, because she is actually a MODEL! Can you […]

Teen Mom, 18, Kills Home Intruder To Protect Baby

“Treat Yourself In Order to Please Yourself" (TheRealDWithV)

Hey SoLatina fam… Have you treated yourselves lately?

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – "Amada Brasília!" (Brazil Inspired Eyeshadow Tutorial)

SoLatina site cosmetologist Yvette Camilo presents her newest makeup tutorial, “Amada Brasília!”. This time Yvette is paying homage to the great country of Brazil, and its green and yellow colors. Check out how she turns her eyelids into the color scheme of one of the most beautiful countries in South America. And a big shout […]

Woman Pepper Sprays Children To Get XBox 360 On Black Friday 2011 (Video)

Fifteen Black Friday bargain-hunters suffered minor injuries at a crowded Wal-Mart store in Los Angeles late Thursday after an angry woman used pepper spray when shoppers tried to cut in line. The incident occurred shortly after 10:20 p.m. in the San Fernando Valley as shoppers looking for deals were let inside the store. Shawn Lenske, […]