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“Simplemente Nasty!” (Patrisia's Blog)

Hey my fellow Solas! I come to you in simple disbelief of how some women simply don’t value or have self-respect for their bodies. In the situation I’m about to explain, I blame both the girl and a family member of mine. Years ago, she used to be my brother’s girlfriend. They ended up on […]

"What Do You Do?" (Crystal R's Blog)

I am at such a crossroads: I have a sister who lives in the same city as me, like 15 minutes away. The guy she’s with (they are broken up but still live together) is a loser who can’t get a real job; he works at a roofing company but it’s all “under the table.” […]

"Raising My Hermanito" (A FB Guest Blog From Mayra)

Hola. I’m 16-years-old and I have a 8-year-old brother. We live by ourselves with our mother. Our father has never been around in either of our lives. We used to live with my mother’s oldest brother Jesus, who helped my mom raise my brother and me. Without him we truly would have had nothing. Well, […]

Parenting My Way (Crystal R’s Blog)

I have a lot on my mind today. I’ve been upset with my sister because I’ve texted her, called her, left messages for her on Facebook along with my daughter, and no response for 2 weeks – but yet she can message complete strangers. I was hurt by the situation and said something to her […]

Parenting My Way (Crystal R’s Blog)

“Family In The Military” My baby sister, who is only 20 years old and newly married, just finished her training for the United States Army. I am so proud of her – she is doing something great with herself, not to mention she is fighting for our freedom. But although I am proud, I am […]

Diary Of A Young Latina Mom (Lupe’s Blog #6)

What’s up, Mamis? I have been away from this blogging thing for a while but here we go again. Do you ever do something that you think is nice, only to be crucified later? My life constantly falls apart and then gets put back together again. It’s weird but it happens. So I bought a […]