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“Little Blue Pills” (A Guest Blog From Sujeiry)

My birth control pills remind me of sex. I dread taking then every night. Press ignore on my iPhone alarm every night at 9:15pm. I only began taking them because of my ex, Luke. I was smart. Went to my gynecologist. Lay on my back and focused on the moldings of walls as she inserted […]

“What The Hell Is Going On?” (Crystal R’s Blog)

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every time I turn around there’s a 9-year-old little girl getting pregnant. Where are these children’s parents and why are they having sex?! My daughter is 11 and her father and I don’t let her go ANYWHERE without us. If she goes outside to play we are […]

“Sticks & Stones” (Nancy’s Blog)

Hey, ladies. Last week another blogger wrote about her decision to have an abortion. There was a lot of backlash because she mentioned that she was in her thirties, and had not been using birth control when she got pregnant. I’m not here to argue either side. But something that stood out in several of […]

Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss (A Facebook Guest Blog From Marisol)

Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss It saddens and frustrates me to see how the same people who complain about racism and discrimination are often the same ones who are quick to judge those whose race differs from theirs because of their way of life. Take for instance, Hispanics. I respect my elders and some I even […]

Say WHAT Latina? (Donna’s Blog #4)

“Orgasms and the Single Mom – A Quest” ORGASMS! Yes, I said it…The Big O! The physical and mental and emotional conglomerate that all women seek and yearn to achieve. Success in that department is something I know I STRIVE for! The hype is SEX. “Sex this”…”sex that”…you’ve got your magazines telling us about it; […]

Psychologist Dr. Clara Lora Offers Advice About Keeping Your Sex Life Exciting During Marriage

QUESTION: Why is that some of us don’t feel like having sexual intercourse with our partner anymore after being married for more than six years? DR. LORA’S ADVICE: It is not uncommon for sexual desire to wane after a period of time in any relationship. Most of us experience this at some point in any […]