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Psychologist Dr. Karen Caraballo – "I’m Upset That My Daughter Is Calling Her Father’s Fiancé ‘Mami’"

QUESTION: I have a 2-year-old-daughter. Her father and I have been separated for almost 2 years. He has a girlfriend that he has been living with during this time period. Well, recently my daughter came to me saying that her father’s girlfriend was her “Mami”, something she never did before. I went to her father […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – “How Can I Stop Feeling Like Both Of My Children’s Fathers Used Me Just To Have Kids?”

QUESTION: I have been through a lot at my young age. I have two kids from two different fathers. The first one always denied my son. After he was a year old, I started a new relationship and got pregnant again. However, that guy left me to be with other women. He came back but […]

Psychologist Dr. Karen Caraballo – “My Best Friend Is In An Abusive Relationship. What Can I Do To Help Her?”

QUESTION: Hi SoLatina. I have a friend who’s been in an abusive relationship since I met her back in high school. What advice can you give me to help her understand that she deserves more then what she receives. Just recently she and her boyfriend have been fighting more and it got to the point […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – "My 3-Year-Old Son Says He Doesn't Like My Boyfriend"

QUESTION: My 3-year-old son keeps mentioning in his playtime (with action figures and such) that his mommy loves him and his daddy loves him but “not Wes” (my boyfriend). His father and I haven’t been together since he was 1 1/2 and that will never happen again. My boyfriend isn’t mean to him and they […]

Psychologist Dr. Karen Caraballo – “How Can I Teach My Daughters About Healthy Relationships Even Though I’m Bitter Towards Men?”

QUESTION: I’ve been through many bad relationships and I’ve become very bitter towards men. I’m starting to realize that I’m passing that resentment on to my two daughters. I don’t want them to resent men because of the mistakes I made. How can I teach my kids about healthy relationships when I don’t even know […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "What Can I Do To Raise My Self-Esteem & Become More Motivated?"

QUESTION: I have issues with my self-esteem. I’m not in a happy place right now and I don’t know what to do to get myself more motivated. I just need help. What can I do to get myself involved in life and be who I truly am and not what others want me to be? […]