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Mom Of The Month (December 2011) – Angela Noe

Mom of the Month: Angela Noe Nominated By: Angelica Almanza In Angelica’s words: “My mom sacrificed the comfort of her own home, her husband and caring for my youngest brother during his senior year to be by my side. I was in a bad car accident 3 years ago that left me unable to care […]

“I Am Just A MOM” (Sara's Blog)

It is very easy to project being an extraordinary mother, a good mother, a great mother and an even so-so mother. It is also very easy to show off Mother’s Day gifts and pose for pretty pictures with your kids. It’s even easier to hit the send button and post all those great images caught […]

“What’s An Appropriate Age To Let Your Child Choose A Religion?” (Cuni's Commentary)

Religion, to me, is not just a weekend activity or something I only practice during the holidays or when times are tough. It’s a way of life. As a parent, it’s my duty to teach my children. My daughters are 5- and 3-years-old. That is WAY too young to be able to make a decision […]

Moms Kills Infant Daughter By Leaving Running Hair Dryer In Her Crib

“A woman who left a hair dryer running to warm her infant daughter on a freezing night has pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter in the baby’s death. Brigit Hippen, of Hutchinson, Kansas, had been scheduled to go on trial Tuesday for a second time on a charge of second-degree murder. Instead, she pleaded to […]

"Video Vixen" (Nancy's Blog)

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’re familiar with my sorrowful romantic saga: girl meets guy; girl falls in love with guy; girl and guy have a beautiful baby girl; guy gets deported; girl is now a single parent yearning for the home, family and ease of an era passed. And there you go – […]

"Should I Ask Him To Sign Over His Parental Rights?"

Here’s the story thus far. I met my son’s father when I was 20. He was just shy of being 24 and still living with his parents. I couldn’t complain about it, though, because I was living with my parents, too. Well, obviously there is no need to explain in detail what happened. We had […]