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"Girl…He Is NOT Going To Marry You" (Naomi's Blog)

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone and no proposal during dinner from my guy. The holidays have passed and no ring as a gift. Even after the clock struck twelve to bring in the New Year, I still have no ring. Maybe for Valentine’s Day if I’m lucky, he’ll pop the question. Until then, I […]

"Unsettled Feelings" (A FB Guest Blog From Brooklyn)

I am sitting here thinking to myself and trying to absorb all the pain I feel and the pain of others. I have communicated to a few other women about the pain from failed relationships and the type of pain that I endured during my relationships. It’s still unclear to me why a man must […]

"Fairy Tale Love…Bliss After Hell" (Lupe's Blog)

As I stand there in the bridal boutique watching my very best friend try on dress after dress, I come to the realization that she is finally getting the real thing. She has met a man that not only treats her like a queen but loves her daughters, as well. I am quiet and in […]

"Is 'Separated' The New 'Single'?" (A Guest Blog From Yarisela)

Men…they su*k! lol. Is it OK to act single when you’re separated from your spouse? Does being separated, with the future hope of reconciliation, mean that we are free to do whatever we want in the mean time? Clubs, bars, checking people out, maybe even sleeping with them, partying, living the single life etc. I’m […]

"My Refusal To Have Unprotected Sex" (A Guy Needs A Female's Perspective)

Hi. I’m sending this to SoLatina in hopes of getting a females opinion. I’m actually a fan of SoLatina on FB. Kind of embarrassing but, oh well. lol This morning my girlfriend asked me to cum inside her. She’s on the pill but I feel really uncomfortable doing so. I trust her but I already […]

“Creepers, Ever Dealt With One?” (Claudia's Blog)

Being single has been a good thing for me in my life right now. I can honestly say that I am in a good place in my life and that I’m truly happy…for as the saying goes, “Mejor sola que mal acompanada!” The saying is very true! At least for me it has been. Well, […]