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Mom Of The Month (December 2011) – Angela Noe

Mom of the Month: Angela Noe Nominated By: Angelica Almanza In Angelica’s words: “My mom sacrificed the comfort of her own home, her husband and caring for my youngest brother during his senior year to be by my side. I was in a bad car accident 3 years ago that left me unable to care […]

“I Am Just A MOM” (Sara's Blog)

It is very easy to project being an extraordinary mother, a good mother, a great mother and an even so-so mother. It is also very easy to show off Mother’s Day gifts and pose for pretty pictures with your kids. It’s even easier to hit the send button and post all those great images caught […]

“ELO & SLO – 1/6/12” (Sara's Blog)

In just one week’s time, one of my best friends will marry my cousin, who is like a brother to me. Words can’t explain how happy I am for them and how great it feels to know that I somehow brought them together. I may not have been blessed with sisters or a ton of […]

"Fairy Tale Love…Bliss After Hell" (Lupe's Blog)

As I stand there in the bridal boutique watching my very best friend try on dress after dress, I come to the realization that she is finally getting the real thing. She has met a man that not only treats her like a queen but loves her daughters, as well. I am quiet and in […]

“He Says He Cares For His Daughter’s Mother, But I’m The One He Loves”

Okay, here it goes…please be kind! I’ve been dating this guy (he’s 28, I’m 25) for almost 10 months. It’s been going relatively well. We really connect, have a wonderful sex life and many similar interests. He’s a very good person: honest, wonderful father to his daughter, very good to my son (who’s autistic), and […]

"It's A Holiday, Not The End Of The World!" (Nancy's Blog)

I was prepared to write a rhetorical rant about the commercialism of Thanksgiving, and how Black Friday “doorbusters” have eclipsed the importance of being with friends and family. After all, it seems you can barely shovel in a slice (or two or three) of pie before it’s time to hit the road like a superstore […]