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Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – "How Can I Keep 'Red Color' In My Hair?"

QUESTION: I recently dyed my hair. Well, I did “tipping.” My natural hair color is very dark so I bleached the tips and then used red highight dye. After a couple of weeks, though, it came out and I’m stuck with ugly bronze tips! What did I do wrong? What is the best way to […]

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – "How Do I Get Black Dye Out Of My Hair?"

QUESTION: I cannot get the black dye out of my hair that I put in it. Even bleaching it doesn’t work. I think it might be because of the oil I put in it. I need advice! YVETTE’S ADVICE: Hi. You gave me a great clue! “Even bleaching it doesn’t work”, which leads me to […]

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – "Hair Breakage. Help!"

QUESTION: I bleached my hair a few weeks ago and now my hair is breaking. Do you know any Latina home remedies for hair breakage? YVETTE’S ADVICE: Unfortunately, breakage occurs automatically with bleach (at least 80% of the time) because the natural proteins and keratin of the hair are stripped out (key words: protein and […]

White Rain Hydrations Shampoo With Conditioner (Review)

Product: White Rain Hydrations Shampoo With Conditioner Review: At first I thought this shampoo with conditioner was going to make my hair soft and less dry but I was so wrong. According to the shampoo, it said not to use conditioner because it was already in the shampoo (and that it was also latex-free). When […]

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – "How Can I Get My Curly Hair To Look Wavy & Long?"

QUESTION: I have very curly hair and was wondering if there’s any way I can make it look wavy and long? I usually style it with curly hair mousse but sometimes my hair ends up getting too curly and starts shrinking. I just want to try something new. Help! YVETTE’S ADVICE: Hi chica! Curly hair […]

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – "How Can I Make My Curly Hair Look Less Frizzy?"

QUESTION: What products do you recommend for curly hair? Are there any curly hair treatments to make my hair look more shiny and not frizzy? YVETTE’S ADVICE: Many hair product lines are now specific for hair types, whether it be fine, color treated, damaged, curly, etc. You should only be picking the ones for curly […]