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"He Doesn't Have Any Red Flags…It's His Friends Who Do!" (A Guest Blog From Lina)

So, here’s a new one on me. I have been talking to the coolest guy. We enjoy each other’s company and really like each other. However, his friends are a major turn off. Of the ones I hear so much about: one stole from him, one couple is so drunk and drugged up all the […]

“When You Lose A Sister-In-Law & A Friend” (A FB Guest Blog From Jackie)

My grandmother could have starred in her own reality TV show: she had 12 kids. Growing up they were all pretty close. Now as adults, though, most of them do not even talk to each other. It’s different with my brother and me. It’s just the two of us and we were not raised together […]

“Why Can't We All Just Get Along?” (Karla's Blog)

Was there ever a time when girls were loyal to each other? Seriously, all I see anymore are best friends turned enemies over guys. It just makes me sad. I keep very few female friends close because girls are just TOO much to deal with. There’s too much jealousy and too many girls. There are […]

"My Son Doesn't Want To Go To His Father's Wedding. Yikes!"

My son is almost 15-years-old and his dad lives in Phoenix. They have a good relationship for the most part. My son’s father and I co-parented and we ended up really good friends after our divorce almost 10 years ago. About 3 years ago my son’s father met this girl. She’s a real nutcase. I’m […]

"What Do You Do?" (Crystal R's Blog)

I am at such a crossroads: I have a sister who lives in the same city as me, like 15 minutes away. The guy she’s with (they are broken up but still live together) is a loser who can’t get a real job; he works at a roofing company but it’s all “under the table.” […]

“Too Good To Be True: Part 2” (Patrisia's Blog)

Before I start, I want to clear one thing up: I am not blaming the teenage girl (see my last blog) and I’m not trying to “clean up” what my ex-fiancée did. I’m simply writing down the situation that I’m living through at this moment in my life. So, back to the story. After all […]