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"Life After [Or During] A Divorce – Part 1" (A Guest Blog From Fitness Expert Amanda Genao)

For those of you familiar with Massachusetts divorce laws you’d happen to know that you are required to take a parenting course in order to be granted a divorce. For those of you not so familiar with this law I welcome you to Massachusetts. It was a freezing evening during the most exhausting and inconvenient […]

"Segundo Plato – The Other Woman"

It is not easy being the other woman. I am not sure why I have done this and I cannot explain how out of character it is for me to have an affair behind my husband’s back. But I did. I am not proud of it. He has been away today and will be tomorrow. […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "My Ex-Husband Played With My Emotions. How Can I Get My Confidence Back?"

QUESTION: Buenas tardes. Mi pregunta es como puedo obtener mi amor de regreso por mi misma? No puedo entender que es lo que me atada a mi ex esposo, un hombre que no me ama juega con mis emociones destrullo mi confianza, mi amor por mi misma la verdad es una historia larga. Pero lo […]

Kim Kardashian Swarmed At Airport (Video)

A sad-looking Kim Kardashian faced the media last night … a MASSIVE swarm of paparazzi waiting for her at LAX, which fired off questions faster than Kim could end a marriage. Kim got the hell out of Dodge, boarding a plane to Australia … without her wedding ring. (Source: TMZ)

Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce. What A Surprise.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce Monday morning, after 72 days of not-so-wedded bliss to Kris Humphries … TMZ has learned, and now we have the documents. We’re told even though the marriage was short, she is not seeking an annulment. It’s a garden variety divorce, in which Kim cites “irreconcilable differences.” The date of separation […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – "Divorce, Deportation & Permanent Residence"

QUESTION: Mi pregunta es me separe de mi esposo hace siete meses y estoy pensando en pedir la ciudadania eso podria afectarme en el proceso. Le agradeceria su respuesta lo mas pronto posible. ATTORNEY ROMAN’S ANSWER: Si obtuviste residencia condicional a traves de matrimonio con tu esposo entonces tienes que esperar al menos dos años […]