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Moms Kills Infant Daughter By Leaving Running Hair Dryer In Her Crib

“A woman who left a hair dryer running to warm her infant daughter on a freezing night has pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter in the baby’s death. Brigit Hippen, of Hutchinson, Kansas, had been scheduled to go on trial Tuesday for a second time on a charge of second-degree murder. Instead, she pleaded to […]

“Mi Testimonio!” (A FB Guest Blog From Suheily)

I’m a 24-year-old single mother of 3 beautiful babies. I was in a relationship with the father of my kids since 2005. Everything started good but then he started selling and using drugs. That was my life for the next few years. Unfortunately, I got involved in the drug game, too. One day, though, by […]

"Disgusted!" (Crystal R's Blog)

Last year, a now EX friend of mine was caught rubbing on his 14-year-old daughter by a woman in a Sally’s Beauty Supply in Virginia. I am close with his daughter, and even now I still keep in contact with her. She has been going through therapy for the past year and has finally gotten […]

12-Year-Old Cristian Fernandez Charged As Adult

Casey Anthony's Attorney Speaks (Smug Face)

Attorney Eneida Roman – "I'm Losing Custody Of My Daughter. What Can I Do?"

QUESTION: I have been entangled in a custody battle for many years. I’ve been to court several times but I don’t feel that I’m getting a fair judgment because my ex has the most powerful, manipulative lawyer in the small town that I live in. The last time we went to court was because I […]