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Attorney Erika Castillo – “My Friend Is Undocumented & His Children’s Mother Is Abusing Them. What Can He Do?”

QUESTION: I have this guy friend who has a few kids. He is undocumented and his children’s mother will not let him see his kids. The children are now being physically abused by her. What can he do about this, if anything? ATTORNEY CASTILLO’S ADVICE: If your friend’s children are being abused, he should contact […]

Casey Anthony's Attorney Speaks (Smug Face)

Attorney Eneida Roman – "I'm Losing Custody Of My Daughter. What Can I Do?"

QUESTION: I have been entangled in a custody battle for many years. I’ve been to court several times but I don’t feel that I’m getting a fair judgment because my ex has the most powerful, manipulative lawyer in the small town that I live in. The last time we went to court was because I […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – "Divorce, Deportation & Permanent Residence"

QUESTION: Mi pregunta es me separe de mi esposo hace siete meses y estoy pensando en pedir la ciudadania eso podria afectarme en el proceso. Le agradeceria su respuesta lo mas pronto posible. ATTORNEY ROMAN’S ANSWER: Si obtuviste residencia condicional a traves de matrimonio con tu esposo entonces tienes que esperar al menos dos años […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – "My Child's Father Is Bi-Polar And Scaring Us"

QUESTION: I have a restraining order against my child’s father. He is bi-polar and has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. The restraining order was for a year and will be up next month. This past weekend he called my house phone and my daughter answered. He told her a lot of stuff and […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – “How Can I Give My Baby Boy My Fiancée’s Last Name?”

QUESTION: I’m going to be getting married soon and we want to either add or change the last name of my son to my fiancée’s last name. We have talked about this and decided that we want to do it while my son is still little (11months). How would we go about doing this? ATTORNEY […]