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"Broken" (A FB Guest Blog From Jobina)

Here’s my story. Two years ago I met this guy. Before I started dating him I went two years with no men, sex, or intimacy of any kind. I needed to take some time to find myself as a woman. I didn’t want be with a man out of insecurities or loneliness. Then one day […]

“He Swore He Wouldn’t Do It Again” (A Guest Blog From Jen)

He swore he wouldn’t do it again and I was naive enough to believe him. It started a month ago when my ex assaulted me at work and I got granted a restraining order. He went to jail for one whole day. The restraining order was broken as soon as he got out. I waited […]

Attorney Erika Castillo – “My Friend Is Undocumented & His Children’s Mother Is Abusing Them. What Can He Do?”

QUESTION: I have this guy friend who has a few kids. He is undocumented and his children’s mother will not let him see his kids. The children are now being physically abused by her. What can he do about this, if anything? ATTORNEY CASTILLO’S ADVICE: If your friend’s children are being abused, he should contact […]

Psychologist Dr. Karen Caraballo – “My Best Friend Is In An Abusive Relationship. What Can I Do To Help Her?”

QUESTION: Hi SoLatina. I have a friend who’s been in an abusive relationship since I met her back in high school. What advice can you give me to help her understand that she deserves more then what she receives. Just recently she and her boyfriend have been fighting more and it got to the point […]

"Disgusted!" (Crystal R's Blog)

Last year, a now EX friend of mine was caught rubbing on his 14-year-old daughter by a woman in a Sally’s Beauty Supply in Virginia. I am close with his daughter, and even now I still keep in contact with her. She has been going through therapy for the past year and has finally gotten […]

Thanks To My Latinas… (A Facebook Guest Blog Follow Up)

We received this e-mail from Priscilla regarding her recent Facebook guest blog entitled “My Life…” First of all, I just want to say thank you to all those who read and responded to my blog. I seriously do not consider myself to be a role model. However, in this world you hear about so many […]