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FEATURED: Daisy Figueroa: The Inspiring Story Of A Military’s Wife

As the wife of a husband in the United States Army who is currently stationed in North Korea, I can tell you first hand that it is not easy to cope with the absence of a loved one on deployment overseas. My husband is a Sergeant first class and has been engaged in military service […]

“I Would Have Given You The World If You Had Given Me The Chance” (A Guest Blog From Tia)

The other day, I saw my friend post, “I would have given you the world if you had given me the chance.” And it got me thinking. Doesn’t it suck how humans work? We’re made to be goal-oriented and we always want more — more of what we usually cannot have. It’s unfortunate because there […]

“Frontier Of Social Equality” (A Guest Blog From Marian Inguanzo)

What do black and Latina women in the United States need in terms of their health, wellness and prevention services? During my professional career as a social worker I have had the pleasure of working with clients from a variety of social and economic backgrounds. I have also had the distinct honor of being asked […]

Kyana L. Aguirre: “Growing Up In The South Bronx” – A Middle School Student’s Personal Story Of Hope & Achievement In Times Of Adversity

Growing up in the South Bronx has given me a unique opportunity to get to know people of many different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. In spite of the fact that I was not born into wealth, being part of a multi-cultural environment has enriched my life in many ways and has given me a […]

“Warning: Can Your Child Maneuver An iPad But Can’t Ride A Bike?” (A Guest Blog From Manyaa)

Have you ever seen an infant on an airplane, at a shopping mall or at a restaurant playing with their parent’s iPad or iPhone? Worse still, are you a parent to one? If yes, then you are not alone. The talk about age compression with application enabled toys started as early as the 1990’s with […]

“To Commit Or Not Be Committed – Today’s Generation Of Men” (A FB Guest Blog From Jessica)

I look at my son and see how grateful I am to have him. I only regret whom I had him with. I know some women may feel differently about this, but at 27 I’m not your typical mother, especially with my string of unsuccessful relationships. At one point it would be nice to have […]