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“Love Is The Key” (Victoria’s Vlog)

Hi guys. Thanks for tuning in to the RealDWithV. I wanted to just jump on here today and just vent and talk to you guys a little bit. Normally I come up with a topic and write out some points but I wanted to do something different today. Being the type of person that I […]

“Don’t Be Stankful, Be Thankful” (The RealDWithV)

Victoria shares her views on how we should celebrate the holidays this year and how we should reflect as a society and show how thankful we are for what we have with our actions by exchanging gluttony for generosity.

“Check Yourself & Protect Yourself” (TheRealDWithV)

Hey SoLatina Familia! I wanted to spread awareness on two very important issues: Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. I share my story and the tragic story of my aunt with Domestic Violence and the story of my sister who is a two-time cancer survivor. – CLICK HERE to read and watch more of Victoria’s blogs […]

“Surviving the Struggle” (TheRealDWithV)

In life, we go through many different experiences that mold us into who we are. How we handle these experiences is what determines the essence of our being. We have moments of happiness and moments of sadness, moments of success and moments of failure. It’s just the cycle of life to go through these types […]

“Serenity” (TheRealDWithV)

In her new vlog, Victoria shares her views on how to live a serene life. Click HERE for more entries from Victoria.

“Life Is Precious” (TheRealDWithV)

Life is very precious and in this crazy world we’re living in today, life should not be taken for granted and should be cherished. Victoria shares her views on the value of life.