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“Change Your Location” (Naomi’s Blog)

Life begins when you decide to start living. Heartbreak, depression and pain can sometimes convince us that we are powerless but we aren’t. No matter the hurdle, no matter the struggle, no matter the odds we can live the life we’ve always wanted once we give ourselves permission to fight for it. You are the […]

“Ramadan Mubarak” (Naomi’s Blog)

There was a time in my life when I hit rock bottom. I did not know how or if I would survive but I knew that God was omnipresent, and one day I called out to Him. I eventually dedicated myself to getting close to God in order to have peace in my life. I […]

“When Should Women Date?” (Naomi’s Blog)

Are women born with the need to be in a relationship or have we been distracted from finding ourselves before we find a mate? How do we know we are ready for a relationship or will we ever? Let’s talk…. ❤ From our earliest childhoods, we are encouraged to dream about being a princess and […]

“Abandonment – Part 1″ (Naomi’s Vlog)

Abandonment is something that I struggled with as a kid and young adult. The thought of not being “wanted” or “worthy” of love was the root of a lot of mistakes and poor choices I made in life. It was also what ravaged my self-esteem growing up – My father in prison for 15 years […]

“I Am Going To Survive” (Naomi’s Blog)

I was inspired by a feature in this month’s ‘O Magazine’ entitled “A Thing Or Two I Wish I Knew”, where accomplished men and women gave advice that they would have given themselves when they were 25-years-old. I enjoyed reading the letters of advice and insight, and I became flooded with all of the things […]

“Hope & Esperanza Intro” (Naomi’s Vlog)

I am Naomi Seif and Motivational Speaking is my passion. I’m extending an invitation for you to join me because healing requires family. No matter what the circumstance or wound in your life, “as long as you have life, you have the POWER to change your world.” This is just an intro video to my […]