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“What Is Love?” (Karla’s Blog)

There’s something I need to get off my chest. I’m tired of hearing about all these failed marriages/divorces. If your marriage is salvageable then work at it. Don’t just walk out because it got hard. And definitely don’t jump right back into another one. Take the time to make sure your heart is in it […]

“Depression, The Silent Killer” (Karla's Blog)

I’ve noticed more and more people talking about suicide lately. I know with it being harder to find work it’s affecting a lot more people. As much as I hate my job at times, I’m thankful that I have it and get the hours that I do. I’m exhausted and feel tired all the time […]

“Why Can't We All Just Get Along?” (Karla's Blog)

Was there ever a time when girls were loyal to each other? Seriously, all I see anymore are best friends turned enemies over guys. It just makes me sad. I keep very few female friends close because girls are just TOO much to deal with. There’s too much jealousy and too many girls. There are […]

"Just A Thought" (Karla's Blog)

Hola Sola. I’m back! A friend of mine asked me recently if it’s bad to date a younger man. Personally I don’t think so. However, I wouldn’t date a guy a lot younger than me. I think for me it depends more on the person. How mature they are, how they treat me, etc. Being […]

“Speaking Your Mind” (Karla's Blog)

Hola Sola! Today I’m going to blog about something that hits close to home for me. I’m also asking for advice. I’m not very close to my father’s side of the family, but not by choice. We grew up without my father around because my mom wouldn’t let him see us. In the last few […]

“Like Mother Like Daughter?” (Karla's Blog)

Hey SoLas! I know it’s been awhile. Things have just been so up and down lately… So I was reading an article that really got me thinking: how many of you are afraid of becoming your parents? Personally it’s been one of my biggest fears, though not as bad as it used to be. I […]