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“Justice System…Where is the Justice?” (Lupe’s Blog)

As you ladies might know, I have a wonderful six-year-old boy whose biological father is really not in the picture. In fact, all the way up to February 28th of this year, I had sole legal and physical custody of my son. I have since lost that, and now have joint legal and primary physical […]

“My Weight Loss Journey” (Crystal M’s Blog)

In my last blog I talked about how I joined a weight loss challenge at work. In a month-and-a-half I have lost 11 pounds. Since I’ve been at my job, though, I have lost a total of 21 pounds! I’m still not where I want to be but I’m VERY PROUD of my progress. I […]

“I Just Want To Snap” (Patrisia’s Blog)

I’m so mad and disappointed at myself for believing this freaking liar. He painted me such a pretty picture and since I was so friggin’ hopeful, I believed him and fell for it. I must say to all men out there who are not ready to settle down and take on their role as a […]

“My Valentines…” (Claudia’s Blog)

I want to talk about what Valentine’s Day means to me. I am lucky that I am blessed with not 1 but 2 Valentines! For the past years since I’ve been a single parent, I have been making my children and my Valentine’s Day a special one. Since I have not had a consistent partner […]

“Roller Coaster Ride Of Weight Loss” (Crystal M’s Blog)

Ok ladies. A lot of you can relate to wanting to lose weight, especially with summer right around the corner. Bikinis and high heels lol. I know we all have our ups and downs when it comes to getting that beach body. I recently joined a weight loss challenge at work and so far it’s […]

"It's Tough, But I Really Need To Change!" (Patrisia's Blog)

I’ve been a single mother for many years now. Yeah, I’ve had my novios. When I was younger, I also had 2 boyfriends who didn’t provide for my kids, so I still considered myself a single mom. Those relationships didn’t last, of course. After 6 years of being alone, and then dating the same guy […]