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Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – “My Kids Are Constantly Fighting With Each Other & I Don’t Know What To Do!”

QUESTION: Hi. I’m a mother of four, ages 9, 8, 5 and 3. For the last few months my kids have constantly been fighting, especially my 8- and 5-year-old’s who are girls. It’s a constant struggle and I have tried so many things…timeouts, taking away things, etc. but to no avail. My 9- and 8-year-old […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – “Can A Player Ever Stop Being A Player & Be In A Real Relationship?”

QUESTION: Hi. I’m a 24-year-old single mom. I’ve been talking to a guy that I have known for a long time. He was in a serious relationship when I met him so all we did was flirt a lot. Nothing ever happened, though. A couple of months ago we found each other on Facebook. We […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – “A Hook-Up, An Unplanned Pregnancy & Trust Issues”

QUESTION: Last year on my birthday I met this older guy. He was my friend’s hairstylist who I liked right away. We started talking, not only as in trying to get to know each other but more than that. The following month we had sexual relations. I know it was fast but I really liked […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – “Why Has My Fiancé Changed Ever Since We Got Engaged?”

QUESTION: My fiancé and I were great up until the time we got engaged. For some reason it seems like he’s lost interest. However, I don’t know why he waited until the engagement! He used to always get angry when I found someone other than him to watch my 3-year-old, but now if I ask […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramirez – “My 2-Year-Old Son Is Learning Bad Habits While In His Father’s Care. What Should I Do?”

QUESTION: I have a 2-year-old son who sees his father every other weekend. When his father and I were together, I had to get a restraining order and go to court for domestic violence, until I finally broke it off. Lately I’ve been noticing that our son has been coming back from his father’s house […]

Psychologist Dr. Georgina Ramiez – “My Kids Father Is Possessive, Mentally Abusive & Doesn’t Work. What Can I Do?”

QUESTION: My kids dad and I are still together but I struggle to take care of the family because he does not work and has not worked for the past 8 years. While I have tried to be supportive, he has made it difficult because he spends my money on stupid things. Many times my […]