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Sexual Health Expert Destiny Lopez – “Will Sex Ever Become Enjoyable For Me?”

QUESTION: Hi. My question is this. At what age does sex become enjoyable? lol. I’m 19 and have been having sex since I was 16. I’ve been with 4 guys and it’s never really been enjoyable for me. I knew the first and second time I probably wouldn’t enjoy it but the 3rd and 4th? […]

Sexual Health Expert Destiny Lopez – “Is It Normal To Sweat A LOT & ALL THE TIME During Sex?”

QUESTION: Hola Dr. Lopez. I have a question about something that’s a little embarrassing for me. Whenever I have sex I start sweating…a lot! No matter if it’s hot or cold in the room, by the end of it I’m usually dripping on the guy. Even if it’s only 5 minutes (a quickie!) I sweat. […]

Sexual Health Expert Destiny Lopez – “I Sweat A Lot ‘Down There’ & I’m Afraid Someone Might Smell The Odor”

QUESTION: My question is very embarrassing. I don’t even dare ask my own doctor. Is it normal to sweat “down there” and sort of have a smell of armpits? I shave and wash down there but I also sweat a lot down there :( I’m scared someone might smell it when I walk by. I’ve […]

Sexual Health Expert Destiny Lopez – “My Boyfriend Started Watching Porn Again & It’s Making Me Feel Jealous & Insecure”

QUESTION: My husband used to watch a lot of porn back in college but then he stopped when we got together. Just recently he’s been watching it again, though. He tells me that it’s common in men and it has nothing to do with him being bored or unsatisfied with me. He just enjoys how […]

Sexual Health Expert Destiny Lopez – “Is It Still Possible For Me To Give My New Boyfriend Genital Warts, Even If I Got Treated For Them?”

QUESTION: Hi Ms. Lopez. I got genital warts from a guy I had unprotected sex with about 6 months ago. I was treated for them and they disappeared. Now I have a new boyfriend and I haven’t told him that I had them. Is it safe for me to sleep with him? I would DIE(!) […]

Sexual Health Expert Destiny Lopez – “What Could A Yellowish Discharge With A Mildly Bad Odor Be?”

QUESTION: I have a question. For the past 2 months or so I’ve been having a yellowish discharge which sometimes comes with a bad odor. Also, after sex I start getting the same odor which never use to occur. Could this be something serious that I may need to go to a doctor for? Or […]