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Cynthia Santiago, LCSW – “Why Is It So Hard For Me To Get Over My Son’s Father Even Though He Abused & Disrespected Me?”

QUESTION: I have been emotionally, physically, verbally and mentally abused by son’s father. I feel very traumatized by EVERYTHING he has done to me and up to this day I just cannot seem to let got and get over it. It’s been 2 years since I’ve met him and been exposed to his bad behavior […]

Cynthia Santiago, LCSW – “My Mom Said She Would Move Back To California To Help Me Out But Her Married BF Is Holding Her Back”

QUESTION: I’m 25-years-old, married and have two kids. My mom, husband, kids and I moved to Arizona 3 years ago. A year ago, though, my husband, kids and I moved back to California. In March my husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer and he has been going through chemotherapy. I asked my mom to […]

Cynthia Santiago, LCSW – “How Can I Help My Boyfriend See His Daughter Since He Has Drama With His BM?”

QUESTION: I’m 25 years-old and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. I’ve known him since I was 8. I love him with all my heart and soul. We’ve had our and ups and downs but no matter what, I will stick by him through thick and thin. So here’s the problem. He […]

Cynthia Santiago, LCSW – “Are These Panic Attacks I’m Having?”

QUESTION: Hi. I recently noticed that one thing that used to bother me as a kid is coming back. Every time I would feel upset, I would get this feeling similar to claustrophobia. I would feel like time started to go really fast and I’d become very hot and nervous. Well, it recently started to […]

Cynthia Santiago, LCSW – “He Wasn’t There For Me After I Had A Miscarriage, But I Still Miss Him”

QUESTION: I have had a very rough couple of months. I moved across the country to be with my boyfriend of 6 years. I felt that I put everything I had to offer into “us” but never got the same back. After being there for 3 months, I was expecting our first child. The baby […]