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Attorney Eneida Roman – “I Am Scared To Send My Son To His Father’s House Although He Has Visitation Rights”

QUESTION: I’ve had a child support/custody agreement with my son’s father since October 2007. Since November 2010, though, he has not paid child support. In our agreement it states that he can see my son when we agree upon it, but he only sees him once a month and only calls when he wants to […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – “How Can I Petition For My Husband In DR To Come Live With Me In The US?”

QUESTION: I’m a US citizen and my husband lives in the Dominican Republic. What is the process I have to complete in order to petition for him come live with me? What is the total cost? I would greatly appreciate any details you can provide me. Thank you. ATTORNEY ROMAN’S ADVICE: As a US citizen […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – “If I Stop Letting My Son’s Father See Him During The Court Ordered Visitation Time, What Could Happen To Me?”

QUESTION: My ex-husband (who has yet to pay any child support) has been neglectful of our 5-year-old son during the court ordered visitations. He sees him twice a month and we do the exchange at a police station with zero communication. What will happen to me if I just stop showing up to exchange our […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – “What Exactly Is Obama’s ‘Deferred Action For Dreamers’ Program & Who Can Benefit From It?” (Video)

On Friday June 15th 2012, President Barack Obama delivered a speech in the Rose Garden that sounded like music to the ears of as many as 800,000 young immigrants who have lived in the United States with fear of deportation. With this Deferred Action, these so-called “DREAMers” will be able to apply for renewable two-year […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – “Can My Husband (Who Is A US Resident) Obtain Full Custody Of His Son Who Lives In Mexico?”

QUESTION: My husband has a child out of wedlock in Mexico but only recently found out about him from his son’s mother. She doesn’t want the child and wants to give full custody to my husband. We live in US and want to bring him to live with us. My husband is a US resident. […]

Attorney Eneida Roman – “I’m Not A US Citizen But I Want To Marry My Boyfriend In DR & Bring Him Back Here & Get His Papers”

QUESTION: I have a boyfriend in DR. I’ve known him for 5 years and we love each other. I’m not a US citizen yet and I plan to go to DR very soon to get married to him and come back and do his papers. How long will it take for him to get his […]