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Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "What Can I Do To Raise My Self-Esteem & Become More Motivated?"

QUESTION: I have issues with my self-esteem. I’m not in a happy place right now and I don’t know what to do to get myself more motivated. I just need help. What can I do to get myself involved in life and be who I truly am and not what others want me to be? […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "My Ex-Husband Played With My Emotions. How Can I Get My Confidence Back?"

QUESTION: Buenas tardes. Mi pregunta es como puedo obtener mi amor de regreso por mi misma? No puedo entender que es lo que me atada a mi ex esposo, un hombre que no me ama juega con mis emociones destrullo mi confianza, mi amor por mi misma la verdad es una historia larga. Pero lo […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "I've Changed For My Boyfriend But He Still Treats Me Awful"

QUESTION: My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years. I recently moved to his home town with him, leaving everyone I know. I’ve changed myself to be what he wants me to be. He promised to change, too, but still hasn’t. Whenever he gets mad he blames/takes everything out on me. I’m […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "I Still Have Feelings For My Ex Even Though He Treated Me Bad. Why?"

QUESTION: Is it bad to still have feelings for your ex even if he caused a lot of pain in your life and he’s in another relationship? DR. PEREZ’ ADVICE: You ask a very important question. I am sure you’re feeling confused because you still have “feelings” for your ex. But, let’s clarify something from […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "My Jealousy Is Pushing My Husband Away"

QUESTION: I’m pushing my husband away with my jealousy. I don’t know why I’m like this. I love myself and I think I’m a very pretty woman. So why am I so jealous over him? I know he loves me very much and he puts up with my accusations and all but at times I […]

Psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez – "Why Can't I Believe That Guys Want More From Me Than Just Sex?"

QUESTION: I’m a fan of SoLatina and really need some guidance. I’m a 25-year-old single mother of a 3-year-old boy. I was raised in a very traditional Dominican home back in DR. You know, the kind that no le permitia a los ninos hablar o “meterse” en conversaciones de adultos. Que cuando iban a visitar […]