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Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “How Can I Become A Bodybuilder & Start Entering Competitions?”

QUESTION: Hi. I’m 16-years-old and I’m a junior in high school. I love sports and play soccer, basketball and softball for my school. I also love to work out and am usually the only girl in the school gym lifting weights with the guys after practice, lol! Even though I love sports, I’ve always wanted […]

Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “What’s The Best Exercise To Lose Body Fat?”

QUESTION: What’s the best exercise to lose body fat? AMANDA’S ADVICE: Hi. Thanks for your question. It is a simple yet loaded one. There is no easy way to define which particular exercise will help you lose body fat since a combination of everything you do, which should include a clean diet, lifting weights and […]

Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “So You Didn’t Place At A National Show”

Team Universe was this past weekend with about 600 competitors between men and women’s bodybuilding and physique, women’s fitness, figure and bikini. Just like any national show, the roster of events can be quite overwhelming and the days are long. It is very exhausting. You train your ass off to compete among the best of […]

Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “Will My Tattoo Become Distorted If My Muscles Start Getting Bigger?”

QUESTION: Hi. I hope you don’t think this is a stupid question and I bet a lot of girls have the same question. I’m a relatively petite girl (I’m 20-years-old, 5’1″, 115 lbs.) and I’m going to start working out because I want to get bigger, especially my arms. I’ve worked out before but mostly […]

Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “I Had Knee Surgery & I’m Worried That I’m Going To Re-Injure It While Working Out”

QUESTION: Hi Amanda. I had knee surgery a few years ago but it didn’t go too well. Since then I’ve had a baby. She’s now 3-years-old and I’ve been trying to lose the weight for a really long time. Is there anything special I should be doing at the gym so that I don’t hurt […]

Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “How I Got Into Fitness…The Long Version”

I was recently asked on my Facebook Q & A about how I got into fitness. Since the story required some lengthy explanations and details, I opted to blog about it. I have been in the industry for a while now. I’ve learned that most of us don’t just fall into it, but have some […]