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Mom Of The Month (Sept/Oct/Nov 2012) – Maria Martinez

Mom of the Month: Maria Martinez Nominated By: Angelina Lozano In Angelina’s words: “My baby sister should be Mom of the Month because she is a great mother. She works very hard for her family. She comes home from work and still works even though she is pregnant. She is having a very, very hard […]

Mom Of The Month (August 2012) – Evelyn Brito

Mom of the Month: Evelyn Brito Nominated By: Michelle In Michelle’s words: “Evelyn’s first priority is always her kids…nothing else ever comes first. She has five kids and still took my brother and me in after our mom died. She has taken care of us as if we were her own and even says that […]

Mom Of The Month (July 2012) – Diana Vazquez

Mom of the Month: Diana Vazquez Nominated By: Sandra Garcia In Sandra’s words: “I want to nominate my mother for Mom Of The Month because she is an inspiration. She has always had to struggle in life. She has 4 kids and there have been times when she went to bed hungry just to feed […]

Mom Of The Month (June 2012) – Hita Rodriguez

Mom of the Month: Hita Rodriguez Nominated By: Jazmine Cantu In Jazmine’s words: “She is my mom. I can’t begin to describe all that she does. She had me when she was 18-years-old and raised me on her own since day one. When I was born, she had her own car and a place for […]

Mom Of The Month (May 2012) – Ivette Valentin

Mom of the Month: Ivette Valentin Nominated By: Angel Vega In Angel’s words: “She’s my mom and my hero. She has survived cancer and has survived my abusive drug addicted father. She is a single mom raising my little brother and me. She works hard to give us what we need and she helps anyone […]

Mom Of The Month (April 2012) – Veronica Arevalo Gandara

Mom of the Month: Veronica Arevalo Gandara Nominated By: Veronica Yumari Arevalo In Veronica’s words: “Since I was little, my mom has always been there for me. When my father wasn’t there, she was. She’s always been by my side through thick and thin. She’s also always stood tall and strong even though she has […]