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“Omg…Is He Gonna Start Crying? (Karen’s Bad Date Story)

This story is from a while ago. I had just met my current boyfriend and we were casually dating and getting to know one another. We both agreed it was ok to date other people. So I started chatting with this guy online for a few weeks. He seemed nice. His profile said his body […]

The Perfect(?) Valentine’s Date – (Jessica’s Bad Date Story)

So way back in the day I dated this dude who was a jerk, to put it nicely. Valentine’s Day was coming up and I was expecting nothing as usual. The whole week he was acting funny and told me he’d been trying to make reservations and finally got through. He told me to make […]

“Crazy Bamboo Monkey Sex” (Evelyn’s Bad Date Story)

I’ve had some really bad dates and I wanted to share two of them with you. I told my friend’s mom about them and she thought they were hilarious so I decided that y’all might think they’re funny, too. The first was a guy I was on my second date with. The first date went […]

“Name Changed To Protect A Hapless Douche” (A Bad Date Story)

Que lo que SoLatina! I was reading some of the bad date stories on here so I wanted to share mine. A couple months ago I met this guy online named *Rigo*. At first, things seemed normal. We met up, went to a bar, had a drink or two and chatted. All the standard stuff. […]

“The Racist Jackass” (A Bad Date Story)

A few months ago I met Jason, this really great guy, online. At least, I thought he was really great! We went out a few times and were getting along really well. He was smart, funny, good-looking – the whole bit. Plus, he seemed really into me, and the best part: he wanted a long-term […]

“He Says He Cares For His Daughter’s Mother, But I’m The One He Loves”

Okay, here it goes…please be kind! I’ve been dating this guy (he’s 28, I’m 25) for almost 10 months. It’s been going relatively well. We really connect, have a wonderful sex life and many similar interests. He’s a very good person: honest, wonderful father to his daughter, very good to my son (who’s autistic), and […]