Pediatrician Dr. Wanda Lopez – “Is It Safe For Me To Drink Malta Goya If I’m Pregnant?”

QUESTION: I am 15 weeks pregnant and Ive been wanting to drink Malta Goya. Many people have told me I shouldn’t drink it because it makes you miscarry the baby. Others say it’s fine, and that it’s just a Hispanic myth. Malta Goya is actually less junkie than regular soda and pregnant women drink soda often. In my country people still believe drinking ginger tea makes you miscarry but yet here in the US ginger tea is often recommended to drink to calm nausea. I had to drink it for my whole first trimester. So my question is this: Is Malta Goya good or bad to drink if you’re pregnant, and why?

DR. LOPEZ’ ADVICE: As you know Malta Goya is a soft drink. As such, I don’t recommend it because of the high sugar content. But if you are craving it then go for it, although I would not consume it on a daily basis. It does not contain caffeine as some soft drinks do. I would say it’s safe to drink but full of empty calories.

Hope this helps!

Wanda Lopez, M.D.


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