“Omg…Is He Gonna Start Crying? (Karen’s Bad Date Story)

This story is from a while ago. I had just met my current boyfriend and we were casually dating and getting to know one another. We both agreed it was ok to date other people. So I started chatting with this guy online for a few weeks. He seemed nice. His profile said his body type was “athletic”, and he was really into working out. I’m a bigger girl so I was a bit worried that my weight would bother him. I told him I was a big girl from the get go, but he said that was “a-ok!” I think, “cool”. I also told him I was just having fun and seeing what was out there. He said the same, that he just wanted to get to know me better. Again, I think, “cool beans.”

So one day I told him he could pick me up after work and we’d go for drinks at a nearby bar and grill. I told him to pick me up in the parking lot just across from my workplace. I also had a friend/co-worker write down his license plate and the make of the car (if I left with him), just in case.

So I’m waiting in the parking lot and his car pulls up. I get in next to him and he must have weighed at least 400lbs. I was a bit pissed off, as he blatantly lied; however, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was working on becoming athletic? LOL. I mean, if anything, new friends are always a bonus, right?

So we drive to the bar and grill. The moment we step out the car he reaches for my hand, which I pull away and I open the door for him! LOL. We sit down and I’m about to order a sprite and vodka when he pipes up and tells the waiter we want two pitchers of their finest beer. ROFL! At this point, I’m thinking “Buddy, you’re gonna be drinking them both by yourself!”

The beer arrives and I don’t touch it. I mean, my glass is empty sitting there, and he’s pouring himself a drink. Doesn’t even notice I’m sitting there unimpressed and not drinking. Then the questions start:

“So, do you consider yourself open sexually?”


“Do you have any naughty fantasies? It’s ok if you do…..I’m going to tell you mine…..”

“… you really don’t have to… Will you please excuse m….”

“MY biggest fantasy is to have a woman use a strap-on on ME!”

“…excuse me, I’ll be right back!”

I hurried to the bathroom, sick and humiliated. I’m sure the bartenders heard. I mean the place isn’t that big and he basically screamed it out! I call my now boyfriend, give him the quick 411 and tell him to come get me. He says he’ll be there pronto! I told him I’d be waiting outside.

I return to the table. One pitcher of beer is already gone! I don’t sit down. I’m telling him, “Look, I guess we got mixed up on what we were looking for. I’m gonna head out now.”

He gets completely insulted, telling me I’m being judgemental and narrow-minded! I was speechless! I tell him, “YOU are nothing like you described yourself. THIS was supposed to be a friendly date to get to know one another.”

His eyes start to water! I’m thinking “Omg…is this idiot gonna start crying??” He starts mumbling that we were getting to know each other…? I cut him off, tell him to enjoy the other pitcher of beer, and that I was leaving. He grabs my wrist to tell me something else and I screamed…quite loudly! The bartender rushes over and tells him he has to leave. So he gets up and storms out. The bartender offers to call me a cab but just then my now bf walks in and sees all the confusion going on. I swear I pretty much threw myself in his arms; clutching for dear life! LOL. I thanked the bartender and we left.

Out in the parking lot, he’s sitting there in his car. But man…as soon as he saw my current bf he screeched out of there! lol

That was actually my only “horror” date, thank God!