Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – “Is The Eye Makeup I’m Using Causing Me To Get Styes?”

QUESTION: Hi Yvette! I was wondering if u could help me. I love using eye makeup, especially eyeliner and eyeshadow. Over the past 4 months, though, I’ve been getting styes on my upper eyelid of one of my eyes. They usually go away after I soak them for a few days but they’re ugly! I’m wondering if my eye makeup could be causing these styes. I would HATE to have to stop using eye makeup but I also HATE getting these ugly styes. I started using Wet N Wild about 6 months ago to try and save money. Do you think that could be the cause? Love ya!

YVETTE’S ADVICE: Hola chica. hope everything is good. Wet N Wild is also one of my favorite makeup brands. Not only are they completely “cruelty free” but they are extremely inexpensive, which is a great plus! So Kudos for using your head on that one!

The only animal based ingredient Wet N Wild uses is carmine. Carmine is relatively harmless and is considered an all-natural ingredient due to its abundance. The FDA states that it found no evidence of “significant hazard” to the general population. But, in rare cases, people have been found to be allergic to it.

Although a stye is not an allergy but more of an infection, this prompts me to think there might be something wrong with your mascara/eyeliner wand or eye shadow brushes. Not everybody has the same resistance to infections and while some people can use the same mascara for months and months without an outbreak, you (like myself) will be the one with the problem because of the delicate skin. I’m always having eye problems and I have to be SUPER-careful with what goes into my eyes.

Mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils and anything going into your eye should be replaced about every 2 months. This is because bacteria loves to accumulate, reproduce and grow in dark damp areas. So a mascara tube would be perfect for a little happy germ family. Also, if you used the same mascara the last time you had a stye, waited for it to heal and after went back in with the same mascara, guess what? The same stye will come right back up.

My recommendation would be to drop the makeup in the trash. Give your eyes about 2 weeks to heal and start all over again with brand new makeup. Do the same process every 2-3 months. They also sell inexpensive disposable mascara wands that you can use.

I’m not a doctor (nor am I claiming to be one) but here are some good pointers on how to treat that stye of yours:

Put hot compresses on your eyes 3 to 4 times a day for several days. The compresses help your body fight the infection and may speed up drainage of the stye. The cloths you use for warm compresses should not be handled by others and you should wash them separately to prevent infecting others. Your healthcare provider may also prescribe antibiotic drops. Sometimes a stye needs to be opened and drained by your healthcare provider for quick healing. Never attempt to open the stye yourself. Serious infection could spread into areas behind and around your eye. If you have several styes, or if your styes recur, your doctor may want you to clean your eyelids regularly, following these steps:

• Moisten a washcloth with warm water and hold it over both eyes for several minutes. This helps to soften any deposits on the eyelids.

• Add a few drops of baby shampoo to a cup of water. Moisten a cotton swab with this mixture. Using the swab, clean all the deposits from the edges of your eyelids and eyelashes. Use a new swab for each eye.

Thank you for your question. Hope this helps! Love you too!

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo


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