“Becoming A Guidance Counselor: Should I Make The Change?” (Jo Anna’s Blog)

Hello my lovely Latinas! It has been way too long since my last blog entry. I’ve been overwhelmed with school and family! I have to ask for some advice so I figured whom better to ask than the intelligent women of SoLatina. I am currently studying for my bachelors in psychology. Things are going great. Classes are interesting, but limited. I’m 12 classes away from obtaining my degree. However, this is a Bachelors of Art, not a Bachelors of Science. What this basically means is that I would only have theoretical knowledge because no medical or clinical courses are given.

I have also been volunteering some of my time to my children’s Head Start Program. I found that working with young children is something that I am VERY good at, even though those little kids drive me nuts! I’ve always been good with kids but never wanted to work in a daycare or school. Now, though, it seems to make more sense. I am considering beginning a career as a Guidance Counselor at an elementary or middle school. As a counselor in an educational setting, I would have to obtain a more focused degree with classes in early childhood development and education. I can do this at an on-campus school here in my state (each state has different requirements), but I can’t stand my state and want to move. This move won’t happen anytime soon, though, because I am incredibly broke! But it will happen. I haven’t decided if my move will be to Florida or Puerto Rico!

So here is my dilemma. Should I continue in my online classes in psychology and finish what I started? Since I might move next year, I wouldn’t finish this degree until about November 2013. Or should I transfer to another school and take the classes in child development that I need to jump-start a career? I don’t want to waste time. I need to find work and gain the proper experience to build a resume.

Keep in mind that I’ve been in school for about 2 years now. Time is slipping away and I don’t want to spend it all STILL in school! I would love to start my career and move my family forward both financially and emotionally! Let me know what you think I should do!