13-Year-Old Boy Hailed As Hero After Diving In Front Of Bullets To Save Friend

A 13-year-old Chicago boy has been hailed a hero for diving in front of his friend as a hail of bullets were fired onto the front porch they were sitting on. Taking six shots to the body, Rony Monzon saved his friend Daneysi Valdovinos from being hit as the two got caught in the crossfire between rival warring gang members.

With gunshot wounds in the arm, chest, hip and hands, Monzon counted himself lucky to survive the shooting on the porch in the Brighton Park area of Chicago’s West Side. Sitting outside the house on Wednesday evening with his lifelong frend Valdovinos, the pair saw a man charge past them on the street and open fire. Jumping up to get away, Monzon at first didn’t realize that he had been shot protecting his friend.

“Once I got in the house, I checked myself and I saw blood…and I was very scared,” said Monzon to ABC News. “I was like – I’m gonna die.”

Rushed to the city’s Mount Sinai Hospital’s intensive care unit, Monzon joked about the lucky escape.

“I’m very, very lucky,” said Monzon. “I’m like the Terminator.”

Thanking her friend, Valdovinos was adamant that he had saved her life. “He took the bullets,” explained Valdovinos. “They would have hit me in the head, but he stood up in front of me and they hit him instead.”

Emotional that her son had survived the shooting, Diana Monzon, Rony’s mother was full of forgiveness for the shooter. “I forgive this person for what he has done to my son,” said Diana Monzon. “I think he didn’t mean to do that to him.”

A cool customer throughout the shooting and the aftermath, Monzon explained how he had to keep his mother calm. “My mom was worried and I was the one telling her, ‘calm down'” said Monzon.

This article was written by James Nye and taken from MailOnline