“Tus Quinces” (Sara’s Blog)

On June 30, 1997, I discovered, I felt and I learned the meaning of love. At 8:33 am, I welcomed this tiny little person that would forever change my world without even knowing it. In that instance, at that moment, nothing would ever matter more than you. As they wheeled you away before I could even hold you, I prayed harder than I ever have and I vowed to forever protect you, love you and care for you at all cost. I was 16 and no longer a child. Carrying you for 9 months seemed like a dream and I was awoken by your faint cry as the doctors cleaned you up.

Now, 2012, my little girl is turning 15. Every time I look at her, I am full of so much happiness, so much accomplishment and so much love that at times I do not know what to do with myself. I thank God every day for making you so intelligent, so beautiful and such an amazing young lady. I am more than proud that you have chosen to stay a child and take your time to grow up, as my fear has always been that you would have the same fate as me. I thank you for understanding my choices and my upbringing. I applaud you for being my rock. I love you for always remembering the sacrifices that I have made and understanding it was all done in your name. I thank you for making me strong and a fighter. I thank you for making me a mom and a dad. I thank you for being the most amazing big sister anyone could pray for. I thank you for our fights and our hugs. I thank you for being so feisty and such a smart-ass. It makes me realize that Grandma was right…history repeats itself.

As you know, I named you Corazon because you brought mine back to life. You filled it up completely. As the years go by, I see that you have lived up to your name and hold a special place in everyone’s Corazon.

Today, you may not have that bubble-gum pink poofy dress I envisioned and you may not have that silly court we could never agree on, but what you will have is the six people surrounding you who will always be there for you and love you unconditionally. Today I may cry a little more than usual, perhaps hold you a little tighter and even check in on you a few more times as you sleep. Today, little baby, my 5 lbs 10 oz. bald baby is taking the journey from Niña to Señorita. Today, Damaris Corazon Nuñez, you become a Quinceañera!

May God always bless you and guide you. May you always look to Him when I may not have the answers. May you continue to be sweet, kind and loving. May you always be the best big sister on earth. May you always listen to my advice. May you always make the same choices, even when I am not around. Mami loves you, MORE THAN THE MOON AND THE STARS!