The Perfect(?) Valentine’s Date – (Jessica’s Bad Date Story)

So way back in the day I dated this dude who was a jerk, to put it nicely. Valentine’s Day was coming up and I was expecting nothing as usual. The whole week he was acting funny and told me he’d been trying to make reservations and finally got through. He told me to make sure I got dressed up and all that. I’m thinking, well, we argued about the relationship for the 100th time prior, maybe things are finally changing! Here it is, the day of love and I got all decked out and so did he. We got in the car and he blindfolded me so I couldn’t see where we were going. I’m all extra excited. We get out the car and I’m smelling grease but I’m not thinking anything of it. Blindfold comes off and wait for it…White Castle! F***ing White Castle! They had the place decked out (i.e. fancy menus) and people were really there acting like it was a 5 star joint. I was heated! But, that’s not all. I leave and there’s a gift at home waiting for me, too. I should of thrown it out but out of curiosity I opened it…ear muffs. And that my friends, is the tale of the worst date of all time.