Mom Arrested After Putting PCP In 6-Year-Old Daughter’s School Lunch

A mother who allegedly sent her six-year-old daughter to school with a PCP-laced sandwich has been arrested. The first grader began showing signs of being under the influence of drugs after eating a sandwich provided by her mother, Tornia Ann Gutierrez, according to officials at Popham Elementary in Del Valle, Texas. Taking the girl aside, she told a school counselor she could hear “banging in her head” and was “talking to people who weren’t there,” court documents obtained by KTBC report.

Calling the girl’s mother, Gutierrez said she was on her way there while asking the staff not to call Emergency Medical Services or Child Protective Services. Picking the girl up and taking her home, it wasn’t long after that Gutierrez called EMS herself. The girl was transported to Dell Children’s Medical Center and tested positive for the illegal drug, along with her mother twice following the incident. Speaking with investigators, the girl said she ate a sandwich made by her mother that made her “crazy dizzy,” KTBC reports. She said the lunch meat tasted like “fireworks” and that her mother explained that the drug (also called angel dust) most likely got into the food.

Gutierrez told officers that 33-year-old Robert Jackson, a drug dealer and user, had visited her home.

She faces felony charges of abandoning or endangering a child.

This article was taken from MailOnline