“I Met Him At A Club So I Should Have Known Better” (A FB Guest Blog From Adalis)

Hi Solas! So here’s my story. Towards the end of 2011 I made the mistake of going out with a guy who loved to party. We met at a club and I loved how wild and outgoing he was. When we first started dating, we’d go out to bars and clubs together all the time, sometimes with his friends, sometimes with mine or sometimes just the two of us. It was a lot of fun at first. You know how it is at the beginning of a relationship. He was so exciting and I had a great time with him.

But those times never last forever. A few months into the relationship, I started suggesting we do other activities together, like going to a movie or staying home and playing board games. Every time we started to make plans to go to a movie or something, though, we’d somehow end up at a bar again. He was still going as hard as he was in the early days, and the more I thought about the future, the less I saw him in it.

Any time I brought up his drinking, he’d say that this was who he was when I met him and what did I expect? Plus, he called me a hypocrite because I like to indulge in a little weed every now and then. I mean, I don’t think me smoking weed once in awhile is a big deal at all, because it’s not like it takes over my life. I’m also not against the occasional drink, which I indulge in, as well. But my boyfriend never wanted to do anything but drink!

So I had a tough decision to make: Deal with my bf’s hard-partying ways for the foreseeable future, or start all over again with someone new (and finding a new relationship as good as your last one is not always a guarantee). I decided to say so long to my bf and have since been back on the market. I do miss him but I just don’t think he was every going to change. Should I have known this from the beginning? I feel stupid because I met him at a club and we were both drinking. I should have known better, right? What a waste of 7 months :(