“Cancer” (A FB Guest Blog From Kara)

Hi Sola’s! My name is Kara. I am soon to be 17. I’m adopted and just recently (at the end of April) found my birth mom and my biological family. I also found out that my birth mom has cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Two days ago I got back from California. My adoptive parents gave me the opportunity to go visit my mom and my sisters. It was a great experience. Now that I’m back, though, leaving them was the hardest thing I had to do. I talked to my birth mom a couple days ago and she told me she’ll get the results of her chemotherapy treatments next month. I have prayed to God every single day and night that the chemotherapy is working and that she will be okay. If it’s not working, I’m heading out to live with her during her last days. I cry for her all the time. I never thought something like this would happen in my family until it did happen. I never knew how other people felt but now I do. Cancer isn’t to be taken lightly. I’m terribly sorry for anyone who has lost somebody to cancer or has a loved one or knows someone who is battling cancer of any kind. All I can do is wait on the results next month and hope for the best for her and my little sisters. I really hope that one day soon there will be a cure for all cancers. My birth mom is such a sweet person and she loves everybody, despite what she’s been through. She has so many friends; so many people visit her every day. At one point I was a little angry with God. Like why would you reunite me with my biological mom (and family) and then make her have cancer? But I believe that God brought me to her because of that. I try to be strong for my birth mother but I cry almost every day.

I just wanted to say that it really amazes me to see all the people who fight through cancer. It makes me happy for everybody who has and I hope more and more people continue to beat it, including my birth mom. I don’t understand exactly how it feels to have cancer but now I know what it’s like to watch a loved one go through it.

Thanks for reading this guest blog. I don’t really know what the point is (I mean cancer, of course) but I just needed somebody to hear me out. Thanks for reading.