“Abandonment – Part 1″ (Naomi’s Vlog)

Abandonment is something that I struggled with as a kid and young adult. The thought of not being “wanted” or “worthy” of love was the root of a lot of mistakes and poor choices I made in life. It was also what ravaged my self-esteem growing up – My father in prison for 15 years and a mother who came around every few years while I bounced through the foster care system, separated from my siblings. I thought I could create a better future. While my intent may have been good, my lack of healing only made things worse for me. The moment I learned how not to take things that happened to me so personally, was when I learned that “I” was in control of my own happiness and direction in life. While healing from abandonment is not easy, it is possible and necessary because otherwise it will turn into poison. Here is Part 1 of a 3-part series where I talk about abandonment and give advice on how to move forward, no matter “who” may have quit and walked out on you.

-Naomi Seif