“Loyalty Begins With Being Loyal To You!” (Saretha’s Blog)

This has been a really enlightening semester for me. Aside from taking an American History course with Professor Solis, a Puerto Rican Folk Dance course with facilitator Noelia Torres, and a psychology course with Professor Keppis, I had the pleasure of taking a philosophy course with Dr. Rene Ramirez. He is a professor at Boricua College who has just published his first book, titled “Within Reason”. Philosophy is the study of fundamental problems such as those connected with existence, knowledge, value, reason, mind, and language. This course has opened up a new way of viewing, reasoning, and perceiving information for me. It has showed me how to reasonably answer questions by using various assumptions.

We learned about a famous philosopher named Descartes who represents the beginning of modern philosophy by his basic fundamental knowledge using “self”. Descartes’ meditations intended to separate what is doubtful from what is not. These beliefs would be “clear and distinct” and “perfectly certain”. He believes that you should figure things out for yourself. He begins by doubting everything he knew so that he could begin anew. He even doubts his own existence, which leads him to the fact of his existence. If he is able to doubt himself, then he must exist in order to be doubted. His famous quote is, “I think, therefore I am.” He later refers to himself as a “thinking thing.” We use philosophy in our everyday lives, except most of us do not take the time to “rationally” think things through before reacting. I myself have been guilty of this, but I am a work in progress. As the days go by, though, I find myself getting better and better at being a rational thinker.

I have also bonded with a classmate who is intelligent, motivated, highly respected in our community, and has a great personality. Melissa Libran has a non-profit organization called “H.O.P.E at the Crib” (http://hopeatthecrib.org). Its mission is to provide support to pregnant teens and first-time parents residing in the Bronx, and to develop positive parenting skills regardless of US citizenship status. The larger objective of H.O.P.E at the Crib is to break the cycle of abuse/neglect and foster care placements. Moreover, H.O.P.E. at the Crib will seek to impact the increasing infant mortality rate through community outreach, counseling, and informational efforts. I give much praise to Melissa for all that she’s done and and all that she continues to do. I wish her great success!

I have learned quite a bit about myself during these few months. I will no longer doubt my capabilities. Times may get hard and I might feel overwhelmed, but I will breathe easy and cope with all situations rationally, knowing that when the time comes I will be rewarded for all my hard work and consistency. I learned that true passions are engraved in your heart and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I learned that trying to interpret why an individual behaves the way they do without pre-judgment can allow you to understand their reasons. Most of all, I learned that there is nothing wrong with remaining loyal to myself and everything I represent.

As the semester comes to an end, I am very proud of myself. I have been the best me I can be! I haven’t received my final grades yet but I was told I have earned 4 SM(A) & 1 M+(B+). I received an acceptance letter saying that I met the requirements to walk down the aisle at the graduation ceremony. It looks like degree #1 has been achieved! I will be receiving my A.A.S. I have registered for the summer semester, which begins on May 8th. I will be entering the Bachelor’s program then. I am pretty excited and a bit nervous. It’s all so surreal. Staying loyal to family, friends, school, and myself hasn’t been easy, but it sure has been worth it.

“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life” -Napoleon Hill