“Cuddling…The Biggest Issue!” (A Guest Blog From Roberta)

There’s this guy who I’ve been wanting to go out with and he finally decided to give me a shot. It’s been going great for the most part. We’ve been hanging out and I even met some of his friends. He would have met mine if I had any for him to meet. lol. Anyways, the only problem I am having with him is cuddling. Now this problem isn’t him not cuddling enough with me or cuddling too much with me. It’s him cuddling up with someone else.

He’s admitted to me that he does cuddle up with a female friend when he and she are watching a movie. But he says there’s a difference in the cuddling when he’s single as opposed to when he’s not (such as now). The fact of the matter is, though, that cuddling should only be for boyfriends and girlfriends. Everyone I’ve asked has said the same thing, even before I tell them why I’m asking them such a silly question.

Cuddling to me could be anything from rubbing the back of my neck with the back of your hand to simply putting your arm over my shoulders while we’re waiting for the bus. Regardless of how small it is, it’s still cuddling and it’s still intimacy between two people.

So he and I spoke about it some more. He said when he’s single and cuddles, his head is on the person’s chest or his arms are around her while she has her’s around him. But when he’s not single, he will just have her legs looped over his legs while giving her a foot massage. Either way, the cuddling is still there. I’ve been taught that cuddling is for emotionally attached people only. If you’re single and you cuddle with whomever, that’s fine. However, not when you’re taken.

Who else thinks that a man or women should not cuddle with someone else while they are in a serious relationship? If you could give me some answers to help me, this relationship could very well be perfect :)