She’s White. She’s Also Black. Mostly, She’s Rejected

PBS launched its first Online Film Festival, showcasing 20 short films from independent filmmakers, including Fernanda Rossi’s short fiction film ‘Clara Como el Agua’. The Festival, featuring award-winning films with a wide array of styles, perspectives and subject matter, will run from February 27 through March 30 and can be accessed via the PBS website and the PBS YouTube channel.

The Latino Public Broadcasting funded film ‘Clara Como el Agua’ premiered along with 4 films in the category ‘Growing Pains’. ‘Clara Como el Agua’ explores the tales and half-truths that surround the origins of Clara, a light-skinned black girl with kinky, blond hair and gray eyes, who is incessantly teased because of the color of her skin; until she ventures into the magical waters of the bioluminescent bay to change her skin color and possibly herself.

The 10 minute film addresses the issues at the center of the Latino and Caribbean experience – the racial tension of mixed communities, the conflicts of broken families due to the emigration of parents and the clash of tradition and more modern beliefs. A coming-of-age story, ‘Clara Como el Agua’, also sheds light on effects of bullying

Visitors can vote for their favorite film by “liking” it either on the Festival’s page on or the PBS YouTube channel. A People’s Choice award will be given to the film with the most votes.