Our Los Angeles ‘Romeo Santos Concert Ticket Giveaway’ Winner Gives Back Her Tickets

Last month we gave away free concert tickets to see Romeo Santos perform live in concert. We gave away tickets in five cities: Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami…and Los Angeles. When we notified our Los Angeles winner that she won the tickets, we received the following e-mail from her:

“OMG. Is this real? Please reassure me it’s real so I can plan my chemotherapy after the concert. You see, I am currently a cancer patient and this would be the best thing that has happened to me in a while. The past 8 months I have been fighting cancer. Thank you so much SoLatina. I am very grateful for this. You have made me the HAPPIEST female. Thank you again and God Bless everyone that was in this and has given me the chance of a lifetime.”



We were so excited for all of our winners, but especially for Maria. We hoped she would have a great time. The Los Angeles concert takes place this Wednesday night at the Staples Center. Just a few hours ago we received this e-mail from Maria:

“To Whom It May Concern:

I’d like to say thank you for giving me the chance of a lifetime to go see Romeo. It was the best thing that has happened to me in quite some time. I’m a cancer patient and every day may be a battle, but yet a blessing for me. So it was nice to know I would have something good to go to. Unfortunately due to my chemo I will not be able to go see him. It broke my heart but my health is important and I have to look at the brighter side. So that’s why I am writing to you…so you guys can pick someone else in the L.A. area to go see him. Thanks again but go ahead and give the tickets to someone that will be able to go.

Thank you again <3


When we received this e-mail, it was hard to hold back the tears. We felt bad that Maria wouldn’t be able to go see Romeo but what really made us so emotional was that even while battling cancer and going through chemotherapy, she was thinking that another girl should have her tickets and get to see Romeo. Talk about a self-less act. Everything she’s going through but she’s thinking about how her tickets could make another person happy? Wow. We didn’t know how to respond except to tell her to keep fighting. We’re going to send her some SoLatina clothing but that’s the least of what we could do.

We asked Maria if we could share this story with everyone and she said it would be OK. We wish her the best in her fight against cancer. We hope she realizes what a special person she is.

God Bless.