Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “Am I Not Able To Gain Weight Because I’m Drinking Too Much Water?”

QUESTION: Hi Amanda. I had a baby 9 months ago and all I drink is water. I eat lots of junk food but also rice and beans and some other good things. Ever since I had my baby girl, though, I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight. I used too weigh 115 before I got pregnant. Then when I got pregnant I lost a lot of weight and went down to 90. Then I gained it all back and weighed 125. Once I gave birth, though, I lost all my baby weight. I currently weigh 90 but I’m 4’10. I want to gain weight but its sooooo hard because nothing I seem to do helps me gain weight. I want to be at least 105 or 100 pounds because I’m Latina and want to still have a figure. I DON’T want too keep losing weight but I do tend too drink lots of water every day. Is this the reason I’m losing so much weight? Can I take weight gain pills or something else that will help me gain weight? Please help!

AMANDA’S ADVICE: Well, you have a problem that most women in your situation would love to have! Drinking water is a good thing but I’d be more interested in knowing what else you are eating throughout the day. It might also be that the water is giving you a full feeling, and you might not want to eat foods or perhaps as much as you should be eating. Rice and beans are great for gaining weight but make sure you are also including a good amount of proteins from chicken, turkey, and other lean meats.

As far as pills to gain weight, I would be extremely cautious about that. A better option would be to purchase meal replacement drinks or shakes, like the ones made by MetRx, EAS, or Cytosport (the makers of the popular Muscle Milk). These shakes include a good amount of proteins and carbs, and are also low fat. They should help you balance out your diet and contribute to the meals that I suspect you could be missing.

Let me know if you have any other questions that I can help you with.

Good luck!

Amanda Genao, Fitness Expert


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