Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – “How Can I Stay Away From Fast Food On A $25/week Budget?”

QUESTION: I recently joined “slimdown showdown” at work where we try to lose weight in groups of 4, for 8 weeks. I’m having trouble trying to stay away from fast food and trying to buy healthy food on a $25/week budget. I also want to lose body fat, mainly in my stomach and muffin top. What can I do to shed the fat? I want to get healthy and thinner. I’m 5’2″ and weigh 146 pounds. I would love to lose 15-20 pounds. Please help!

AMANDA’S ADVICE: Hi! I love that you joined your weight group at work. It certainly helps you to stay focused during the long work hours, since other co-workers are trying to achieve the same goal. It’s hard to avoid the lunch meetings with cookies and other pastries all over the place.

One of the things I encourage my clients to do is to prepare their foods ahead of time. You can take a day or two out of the week and focus on making a few meals that you can eat during the hours you will be out. Some great choices that won’t break the bank are canned tuna, chicken breasts that you can grill or bake, and, of course, greens (lettuce, broccoli, beans, etc).

Now, realistically speaking, not all of us have the time to sit and cook our meals in advance. This means we are often left at the mercy of a take-out menu or fast food restaurant. But you don’t have to starve or pass up on eating, as you should never do this. Instead, learn how to make wiser, healthier and better choices when ordering. My rule is that anything grilled, with minimal or no condiments, is a go. I often get caught out without my foods and my go-to meal is a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. I toss the buns and just eat the chicken, which is just the right portion. Also, the salad bars at local supermarkets are a fantastic alternative with great protein choices available.

In order to target the “muffin top”, you need to really stay consistent with your diet and eating “clean”, along with exercise. It’s a lifestyle change but once you are able to get used to it and see the changes there will be no turning back!

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You can do this Crystal!

Amanda Genao, Fitness Expert


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