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It has been a while since my last blog and I apologize for my inconsistency. So many things have changed for this year that it has been a struggle finding some stability for the things I am passionate about. But I’m here and I ain’t going nowhere (lol). It is very easy as a parent to feel lost and overwhelmed in the world of parenting. However, the challenge is to remain encouraged. Raising children is hard work and running a household and doing chores is a separate job in itself. It can leave you feeling like you have no energy left but you have to push forward.

I used to look at how other women were able to juggle so much (i.e. keeping a manicure while keeping a career) and thought that there had to be something I was doing wrong. This is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. I had to learn that I could not work at the same pace of anyone else and I had to be OK with that. They say “the grass is always greener on the other side” and I also heard “but you never know how big that water bill is”. I had to stop looking at everyone else while treating myself as a failure. I had to realize we are all on the path towards success…we’re just taking different routes.

I have five kids who are about 2-4 years apart and every time I was comfortable with a routine, the game changed. I used to think that change was a bad thing but now I realize that change is part of a season and evidence of growth. When you look around and feel that you may be left behind, just remember that everyone might work at a different pace but we get the same amount of work done. The ones who move too fast are the ones who have to take more breaks than the ones who work at a steady and consistent pace.

I’m striving for steady and consistent because I want longevity, not just 15 mins. Even as a Motivational Speaker, I have to find encouragement and redirect my focus on what’s important. We can strive to accomplish whatever we set out as a goal as long as we are the ones creating the path and making the rules. We can’t let anyone else navigate the pace or destination of our lives, even if they have good intentions. I just want to encourage all of my sisters who are trying to build empires while juggling kids and family to continue to push forward. You are not going through this alone.

Naomi Seif (pronounced Syfe)

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