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If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’re familiar with my sorrowful romantic saga: girl meets guy; girl falls in love with guy; girl and guy have a beautiful baby girl; guy gets deported; girl is now a single parent yearning for the home, family and ease of an era passed. And there you go – my several- years-long, tragic tale of heartbreak compacted into one long run-on sentence…

One of the most difficult aspects of our bad romance has been the knowledge that my daughter is now just another fatherless-child statistic. Having grown up without a father in my own life, I don’t want her to experience the same awkward hesitance that I felt upon finally meeting my dad as a teenager, struggling to find common ground with a virtual stranger. Sure, I’d love to hop on a plane and sashay off to Central America every month to allow daughter and daddy to bond. Alas, the financial realities of single parenthood mean we only embark on an in-person visit once every year or two.
So the devoted dad who’d made her the center of his universe is now missing these most precious years of her childhood. She was approaching three when he was taken from us, in many ways still a baby, toddling around in diapers and still slipping into the gibberish of tot-speak. She is now approaching six, a kindergartener who has (and voices) an opinion on everything, loves iCarly, pizza, and riding her bike, and thinks she’s Miss Independent.

I’m blessed to be the parent able to cherish these fleeting moments with her, to be the one she snuggles up to at bedtime or when she takes a fall during gymnastics. But I don’t want, and I never wanted, to be experiencing these moments alone. I want her father to feel the pride of watching her school recital or dance showcase or birthday party shenanigans. And to know those little daily moments that may seem insignificant, but actually form childhood’s core.

And so I’ve decided to begin a new virtual journey. I want to capture my girl, in both her milestone memories and her day-in-the-life-of moments. A string of short vignettes to form a ‘daughter documentary’ that I hope will keep her father in-the-know and connected to her life. With the aid of my trusty Kodak (and my total ham of a child,) maybe I can bridge the countless miles, multiple borders, and unforgiving policies that separate daddy from his girl.

So here it goes: my first clip, ‘Making the Tooth Fairy Proud,’ showcases her teeth brushing abilities. It may seem inconsequential, but she lost her dad at an age when she was still growing in baby teeth, needed us to brush, and had never lost a tooth to tuck under her pillow. Now she’s a pro at brush, swish, spit — and has made bank on the Tooth Fairy’s dime! Enjoy.

YouTube link to video clip: http://bit.ly/zC7qhc

Para ti, Miguel. Recuerdes.

Click HERE to go to Nancy’s YouTube channel to see more of her daughter’s clips. Que linda…

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