"The Power Of Words" (TheRealDWithV)

In everyday life, with all the negativity that surrounds us, it can sometimes be difficult to stay uplifted or motivated in our everyday routines. I wanted to share with you guys a technique I use to keep me driven, not only in my work but in my everyday life. I’ve become obsessed with surrounding myself with quotes that are positive, motivating, and inspiring.

I find words to be very powerful. Words can really be of purpose in life if you understand the depth of their influence. They’re like ‘reminders for the soul’ as I like to call it. By surrounding myself with these quotes, I have found myself being more productive.

I keep these quotes posted on my computer desktop. Since the computer is where I spend a lot of my time, they are always within sight and my brain is absorbing that visual memory. There are also apps that I’ve downloaded for free on my cell phone for when I’m on the go because you never know when you will need some inspiration or some positive insight.

This is just one way I try to keep myself focused on my path in life. If you ever find yourself feeling down, unmotivated or even lacking some creative juices, this may be one method to try. Surround yourself with words that will inspire you and keep them within your sight, whether it be at work, on your fridge, on your desk or even on your bathroom mirror – whatever works for you. It has definitely worked for me and it may be something that will work for some of you, too.

On that note, I will leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes and the link to my Facebook and Twitter pages where I also tend to post a large variety of quotes:

“Courage to fulfill your vision comes from passion, not position. The key to change… is to let go of fear.”



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