Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – "How Can I Get Rid Of My Flabby Arms?"

QUESTION: I’m an average size girl but I have really big arms. They’re chunky and just eeeew! It’s really embarrassing and I hate the summer because I can’t wear tank tops or some dresses because I’m so self-conscious about my arms. How can I get rid of the flab underneath my arms and make them skinnier? I’m afraid if I lift weights that my arms will get even bigger. Please help.

AMANDA’S ADVICE: Time to hit the weights without being afraid of your arms getting bigger! Cardio will help you lose the weight but you really need to lift weights and build muscle in order to shape and tighten the flabby area you speak of. Women are always afraid of getting bigger but unless you are genetically muscular, or alter your hormones, you will not get overly big or muscular so don’t be scared!

You will really need to target your tricep area by doing exercises such as overhead dumbbell extensions, lying tricep extensions and dumbbell kickbacks, at a moderate weight and number of reps. You can also finish your tricep workout with high reps of rope or straight bar pushdowns to get a really great feel and burn in that area. Next, you can work on your biceps by doing some straight barbell curls and alternate curls.

Don’t neglect other parts of your upper body. Also work on your shoulders, chest and back area, as it all ties in together. With the right routine and by starting just after the New Year, you could be wearing your sexy tops by the summertime!

Good luck.

Amanda Genao, Fitness Expert


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