“Simplemente Nasty!” (Patrisia's Blog)

Hey my fellow Solas! I come to you in simple disbelief of how some women simply don’t value or have self-respect for their bodies. In the situation I’m about to explain, I blame both the girl and a family member of mine.

Years ago, she used to be my brother’s girlfriend. They ended up on bad terms (to the point where she feared for her life) and my brother was sent to prison for six months. En esos 6 meses como dicen she was loose, but she was single and had every right to do what she wanted. She went out with people that knew my brother and were friends of ours, which I didn’t like. But like I say, that’s my problema. After dating two cousins, they both ended up not even wanting to talk to her, which I totally understand. That’s just plain nasty! She then met some guy at a club and started dating him. Soon after that she moved in with him. The man is a straight cheater. He hit on a girl’s mom while she was pregnant with twins!

After 4 meses of dating this man, she took it upon herself to contact my brother. They started talking as friends, and little by little she started sleeping over my mom’s house (where I live, too). I asked my mom, “Why would you allow that? I don’t care what she tells you or the little ‘victim roles’ that she plays.” Ella vive con su baby daddy, therefore I see it as disrespectful and just plain nasty for her to be seeing my brother at the same time. My mom and I go half on the rent and bills, so when my brother moved in I totally didn’t like it. I live with my mom to help her out. She’s the only one that’s employed and I’ve never had a problem with helping my parents.

Usually everything goes well, but ever since that girl came back we’ve been having lots of problems. See, my two brothers share a room. It got to the point where even my little brother got mad because she sleeps over in their room with her twins. Every time my sisters and I would tell my mom to do something about it, it seemed hard for her to say anything. This was UNTIL 2 weeks ago. My little brother tried to go into his room and found my other brother and this girl in my little brother’s bed! He went off and told them how nasty they were to be doing those things in our house- in HIS BED- but more importantly in front of her TWINS!!!! To me, and I know to any other mother, that’s just plain nasty. My older sister and I told my mom, and my mom finally told my brother SOMETHING. Ever since then, she hasn’t slept over. When she comes to visit, I try not to be so rude to her or my brother, but I can’t help it! I mean, if she was a single mother I wouldn’t have a problem with her trying to date my brother, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her as my brother’s girlfriend. But I just can’t accept that, especially while she lives with her baby daddy.

I’m the first to admit that it’s not only her fault. It’s also my brother’s for going along with her. I have told him to his face that he is so stupid. She tells him that she has nothing to do with the baby daddy. She says she doesn’t leave him because if she leaves him, she won’t have any more money. She would rather have money, a car, and lujos than have self-respect. Not only for herself, but for her kids! SMH! Really, how nasty can you be?

As for my brother, I have no respect for him either because he is taking care of her kids while he doesn’t even support his own two daughters. To me, first be con tus hijas! He even has another baby on the way. My mom has custody of his younger daughter because the mom gave up her rights. So when the girl used to come with her twins they would lock the door and not even let his OWN daughter go in. He may be my brother, but I can’t stand the way he is. Don’t get me wrong. I love him and everything but he needs to MAN UP. He needs to take care of his own daughters before he can be a good step-dad to kids that have their own dad that they live with. He also needs to accept the fact that pretty soon he will have another baby. Oh, FYI, I recently found out that this girl doesn’t even know about this new baby on the way. Best believe she will know after this… Lol! I sat with my mom and told her, “That’s it. You need to tell him to quit with this baby making and get his butt to work to support the ones he has or I’m moving out.” I just feel bad that I’m the only one willing to help OUR parents.

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