Fitness Expert Amanda Genao – "How Can I Get A 4-Pack Stomach? No More Chichos…I Want Abs!"

QUESTION: Hi Amanda. I love reading your posts. I have a relatively flat stomach (a few chichos, though LOL) but I want to get my abs more defined…maybe get a 4-pack but still look feminine. Any advice on how I can do it? Thanks.

AMANDA’S ADVICE: Thanks so much for reading my posts. It really means a lot to me. To answer your question, have you ever heard of the common saying about how abs are made in the kitchen? Well, if you’ve never heard it, then I am sharing it with you now. I get a lot of questions about losing body fat in the mid-section, especially after having a baby. My advice has been pretty consistent. I believe having a clean diet is what gets that six (or 4 or however many you want) ab look you want. You can read through my previous posts and use some of that information. In addition to eating clean, make sure you are including some sort of cardio. I’d say 30 minutes or more on a treadmill, elliptical or stairmaster. Also, keep in mind that abs are also genetics. I know some women who compete whose abs never show completely yet have other body parts that come out more when they are lean. I am a good example of genetics. I hardly ever do ab workouts. However, I eat pretty clean and keep up my cardio sessions whether I’m competing or not, and my abs are always there (sometimes 2 and, when I compete, I get a full 8 pack!).

I’ve love to hear about your progress once you make some changes to your diet and training. Keep me posted!

Amanda Genao, Fitness Expert


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