"Louis. You're A Jerk" (A Bad Date Story)

I moved to Atlanta for college and quickly got into a relationship with a guy there (we’ll call him “Louis”). A little background info: I nearly drowned a few years ago and ever since then I’ve had a horrible phobia of water. Not like rain or drinking water, just being immersed in water, which is why I cannot approach pools or beaches.

Ok, so Louis and I had been together for about 4 months and everything was going great. One day he mentions that he has a pool at his house and would I like to drive there one weekend with him? I tell him about my phobia of water and how I don’t even have a swimsuit because of it. He starts whining like a child, “But I really like swimming! It’s so nice. It’s heated and at night you can look up at the stars.” I tell him it sure sounds lovely but I just cannot get near water! He starts getting angry and says, “You haven’t even seen it. How can you say you won’t like it? It’s so so nice!” I tell him again that the main aspect is the pool. That nixes the whole idea no matter how nice the stars and trees and everything else is! He threatens to break up with me and (I don’t know why I did this, I should have ended it with him right then) but I say fine. I told him I’d sit by the edge and put my feet in the very shallow end so only my toes are wet because I am terrified of the feeling of water. He says fine. We go to his house and I put my toes in the pool while he gets completely in. I start not feeling good so I tell him that I want to get away from the water. I get panicky just seeing it. He gets FURIOUS! “Why cant you do this for me?! This would be a great way to show me you really love me! You’re not even going to try!” I tell him I can’t do it for anybody. It’s not my fault. I’d really like to swim but I just can’t. He says, “You’ll have to face your fear sooner or later. Don’t be a coward.”

I get up and start to walk away because I’m furious now. Then he grabs my legs and pulls me into the pool! For some people it might not be so bad but for me it was like locking a claustrophobic person in a closet! I screamed and ran all the way back to school (we had driven..it was FAR!). I changed my number because he kept calling. He still sends me angry letters and emails. Meanwhile, I have horrible horrible nightmares about the water and what happened. ~Anonymous

This article was taken from the site www.bored.com